5 HIMS and YHC boarded the Knight Train and received a KB beatdown. 

 reps. repsWarm Up

  • Good Mornings IC
  • Good Evenings IC
  • Arm Burners Forward IC
  • Arm Burners Reverse IC
  • Seal Claps IC
  • High Knees IC
  • Butt Kickers IC

“KNIGHT TRAIN” PAX completed a series of the more basic KB exercises at each stop around the school. The purpose was to understand basic movements and good form. At the completion PAX had traveled approx. 1 mile and a total of 192 reps.

Stop 1 OYO

  • Two Handed Dead Lift x 6
  • Goblet Squats x 6
  • High Pull x 6 
  • Single Arm Farmers Carry to next stop

Stop 2 OYO

  • Suite Case Deadlift x 6
  • Double Arm Swing x 6
  • Single Arm Thruster x 6
  • Over head carry to next stop

Stop 3 OYO

  • Two Handed Dead lift x 10
  • Goblet Squat x 10
  • High Pull x 10
  • single arm farmers carry to next stop

Stop4 OYO

  • Suite Case Dead lift x 10 
  • Double Arm Swing x 10
  • Single Arm Thruster x 10
  • Over head carry to shovel flag

Pax held the six with a plank until all completed exercises and moved to next stop together. We had some time left so the HIMs circled up and and called the next exercise round robin. We ended with a short cooldown run. 



Prayed for the request mentioned

Ended with a Pic.

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