It has been around 3 months since F3-Kinston’s first workout and I wanted to see how far we have come as a group.  Back in September we had 4-5 men compete in the IronPax Challenge.  I chose week 0 for us to re-create.    


Warm Up:



Good Mornings


Big Boi Sit Ups


Bonnie Blairs



The Thing:

4 Rounds for Time

50 Squats

40 Big Boi Sit Ups 

30 Merkins (Push Ups)

20 Bonnie Blair’s (Alternating Jump Lunges, 2 is 1)

10 Burpees

400m Run


We had 2 men complete the challenge (T-Claps to Short-stop and Forrest) and about half that completed 3 rounds and the rest finished at least part of the 3rd round.  Had great improvements on both time and movements by all PAX.  

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