Permit headlocked YHC to Q LC105 this morning.  LC105 was the call sign of Rickie “Allen” Pearson Jr. who was killed in action as a Lenoir County Deputy Sheriff back in April 2009.  LC105 is at Pearson Park in Kinston which was dedicated in memory of Allen.  Allen and YHC graduated together from NLHS in 1998.  We were on the baseball team together and had many classes together.  We also enjoyed watching Professional Wrestling and would discuss it frequently at school.  All that being said, YHC tried to tailor today’s beatdown in memory of Allen.

5:30 am EST

Disclaimer and warmup

Pledge of Allegiance

SSH IC x 15

High Knees IC x 10

Butt Kickers IC x 10

Arm Burners

Forward arm rolls IC x 10

Reverse IC x 10

Ultimate Warriors IC x 10 (this is a variation of Hallelujahs that we did in memory of Allen’s love of professional wrestling)

Take a lap around farmers market to “first base”.

The Thang 

A length of 90 feet was measured out for base running.  Allen was fast and would pinch run for us slower players on the Hawks baseball team.  Allen wore #7 so we did 7s.

1st round- 6 hand release merkins, sprint to “second base” and do one Wojo squat as Allen was a Duke fan.  Then sprint back to “first base” and do 5 hand release merkins, then back to “second base” for two Wojo squats.  So on and so forth….  When finished with the 1st round, take another lap around the farmers market.

2nd round of 7s- Burpees and Bonnie Blairs.  Take another lap around the farmers market and pick up the six until everyone come back to the circle.

Once back in circle some Ab work commenced.

Flutter Kicks IC x 10

LBCs IC x 10

Figure 8s IC x 10

Windshield wipers IC x 10

WWI sit-ups 10

American Hammers IC x 10

Row the Boat IC x 10

Good Evenings IC x 10

Stretching 10 count, toe touches, right leg lunge, left leg lunge

Count a rama

Name a rama

Prayer concerns- Ongoing Covid concerns, cancer concerns, recent untimely deaths of acquaintances

Announcements- Splashing Woodies tomorrow morning, Farva’s VQ at LC105 tomorrow morning, CSAUP Saturday, Greenville Ruck on Saturday.

Moleskin:  As YHC ran my third lap around the farmers market, I really began thinking about how Allen left this world way too soon as well as the recent untimely deaths from the past week. We discussed in the COT about making sure we know that we need to have a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to take care of ourselves.   We also discussed relying on each other if we just needed someone to talk to.  We need to make sure we are thinking about all 3 Fs.

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