Welcome and Disclaimer

YHC did a bad job bc we had 2 FNGs and I did not welcome them properly. Sorry!

Emphasis on social distancing

Warm up:

  1. SSH IC x 15
  2. Merkins x 10 (IC)
  3. Good Mornings x 10 (IC)
  4. Al Gore- each pax 3 count (we did not do a good job counting)
  5. High Knees x 10 (IC)
  6. Butt Kickers x 10 (IC)
  7. Run lap

The Thang:

4 different stations. Split Pax in 4 groups and everyone went OYO (to try to help spacing)

Station 1- LL Cool Js

L- alternating lunges

cool- burpee

J- Jump squats

went from side walk to flower bed and back

Station 2- Killer Bs

Starting at sidewalk and going to flower bed:

Bear Crawl to other side

Broad Jump back, every 3 jumps do 3 burpees

do this twice

Station 3




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