LC 105
Warm Up: Good mornings, Arm burners, Side straddle Hop

2 groups alternated between World of Merkins ( 7 reps of 4 exercises), then jogged to dip station for 30 tricep dips. 2 rounds of each

Then we made our way over to the benches for alternating leg step ups x 20.

Circled back up for 10 reps of T-Merkins ( on a 4 count).

We then enjoyed the wet grass as we did a modified version of 6 Pack. We shall call it the 3 pack.  WWI situps, LBC, Freddie Mercury, Flutter kicks. (30,20,10). This is where things became ” Not so Silent” for some.

We finished up our workout with Toe taps on the parking bumper as fast as you can. 2 rounds x 1 minute.

Finished with COT

Prayers for Lee Howell, Permits brothers recovery, and Mulligans co worker Dana.
Praise that most of our F3 brother sickened with Covid are recovering and getting better.

Announced upcoming events including Christmas eve Convergence workout with 2.0’s at SplashingWoodies.

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