Chestnut wanted to do something cool for We s Q. We began discussing ideas around Veterans Day. I had just seen on ESPN a story about a girl doing her senior project. It revolved around giving awareness to a startling statistic. 22 veterans on  average commit suicide each day. Her goal was to hike 22 mountain peaks with 22 different veterans. We both thought that was awesome and asked ourselves how we could do something similar. This is what we come up with.

1 Deck of playing cards shuffled

Each suit is assigned an exercise- Hearts (LBC’s), Diamonds (Merkins), Clubs (Calf Jumps), Spades (Air Squats)

For each card drawn, a minimum of 22 repetitions are to be completed

If a number card is drawn, that number is added to the 22 repetitions. Example: if the Q/Dealer draws 10 of Diamonds, Each PAX must complete 32 Merkins

For any face card drawn (Jack, Queen, or King), each PAX has to only complete 22 repetitions.

If an Ace is drawn, each PAX must do 11 Burpees

Totals Repetitions Completed= 502


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