Hey Folks!

Memorial Day was my “official” manniversary but we had to push it back a couple weeks due to “The Murph” convergence. It was good to be back leading the PAX at MASH where I was site Q for over a year. Lots of old friends and jokes and good times. The workout went a little something like this…

After a warmup, we split into pairs and ran over to the playground where the pairs were to complete a total of 50 pull-ups with the off man running over to the school building before relieving their partner. Then over to the tower where each team had to complete 100 merkins. We then ran over to the tennis courts where the partners had to complete 150 air squats. Then to the lower minges lot for 150 WW2 sit-ups. We then  went of the driveway grabbed some rocks and performed 100 of each OHPs and bicep curls. We completed the circle around back to the flag for a 50 burpee/pair finisher. There was great fellowship throughout and it was very enjoyable workout. Thank you to Show Boat and everyone who showed up for the workout.


Peace out, Panther

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