YHC heard his phone beep, I looked at it and there was a text from Panther himself. Yo Little Mermaid can you cover MASH for me, My dad wanted to go fishing. I got you bud. Then YHC spent all day sunday pressure washing. I was like dang im going to be sore tomorrow and I am the Q. SMH. Then Abu text me and says YO I got a FNG coming tomorrow you need to kick his 6. LOL!! Im sore and now YHC has to make sure he kicks a fngs 6. OKAY!!!! LEGGO!! Gave the disclosure and it was time to get it on.

Warm Up
Updowns- 10 Reps on my down count ( This had some mummblechatter LOL)
Mountain Climbers- 10
GM- 10 (YHC was like I should have started with these. LOL)

The Thang

Grass area where we circle up.
Bearcrawl each tree (there were 4) exercise at each tree 10 reps After each set jog all the way around Minges then start next set.

Merkins- 40
LBC- 40
WWII- 40
Squats- 40

Mosey over to the concrete cirlce

Step Ups
(Lunge in between benches)

Mosey over to the Wall
Balls to the wall- 10 count each PAX
Peoples Chair- 10 count each PAX

Mosey back to the concrete cirlce
Dips- 10
Flutter Kicks- 10
(alternate these two 4x times)

Mosey to the steps

Burpees- 5 at the bottom
Hallelujah- 1 at the top

Mosey to the Flag

Mary- (Boxcutters, WWI, and SSH)- 10 count each


King Pin Radiation
Silverback- Recovery
Gas stations for raising there prices (LOL ole Slim Jim)
Aquaman Mom- Hospice keep them in you prayers
Everyone traveling for July 4th

Convergence on the 4th- 7am (bootcamp and Run) Workouts

YHC was glad to help Panther out so he could go fishing with his Pops. Its July and it was awesome to see all the PAX who posted this morning on twitter. What a great way to start off a hot month. I hope I did my job as the Q and made Abu’s FNG sore later today and tomorrow. I heard a little mummblechatter coming from him so we will see. Its going to be a hot month drink lots of water and POST POST POST!!!

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