Good Morning!

Awesome weather, nice 66 degrees! Everyone arrived in good spirits and were ready to go. Quick prison warm-up with SSH and some squats and then we got right into a quick warm-up stretching routine that YHC has been trying out. I’ll post a link on Twitter. From there we partnered up and ran down to the bottom of College Hill while we learned something about our partners. We regrouped at the Pull-up bars where we performed 10 pull-ups each, assisted when needed, followed by 20 merkins in cadence. We then lined up and sprinted about halfway up College hill, there we did 10 burpees OYO, then moseyed back down the hill to catch our breath. Another round of pull-ups, and merkins this time followed by a sprint all the way up to the top of college hill. 10 more burpees then we partnered back up and shared a worry in our lives and talked with our partners on the run back around to the flag. Its started to rain on the way back but did we hide under an entrance out of the rain? Maybe, maybe not, but maybe. A few minutes of Mary and the it was 6:15. YHC prayed us out. I had a great time. Workout was good. Yall come next time!

Panther Out!!

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