The Thang!


Headed over to the back alley which seemed to be the best dry spot around.

We spent a good 10-15 stretching out, really focusing on T-Spine, Hip, and shoulder mobility.

Arm raise rotation Lunges for about 20 yards and back then head back to the alley



We did a 45 second high intensity exercise followed by a 15 second active rest. 2 sets of 3 exercises, 3 rounds apiece.

1st set

180 degree Squat Jumps

High knees

Shoulder tap merkins

2nd set

Criss Cross Squat Jumps

Butt Kickers

Skater Jumps

6:15 COT

Prayer Requests:

Dr. Ross’s Daughter & Made me late’s ankle


Abu has the Q at Run Strong tomorrow, and The Little Mermaid has the Q at Clydesdales on Thursday. Be There


YHC is really excited about taking over the reins at MASH. I’m looking forward to bringing some hard-hitting workouts along with some much needed stretching. Thats my vision for this AO; a good warm-up run, followed by some mobility stretches, and then close out with an absolute burner of a HIIT workout. YHC feels like I should be more flexible than I am, and therefore I’m more injury prone, and I don’t like getting hurt or seeing others injured. I’m excited that we will be adding broga also when it warms up, what better way to start the week!

Have a great week!


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