Warmup:  20 SSH; 10 Butt Kickers; 1 burpee for fun

The Thang:  Stop One: Mosey to the Murphy steps for five rounds of 10 merkins; 20 LBC and 30 plank jacks then run the steps; rinse and repeat using both sets of steps on the Murphy Center but increasing the number of laps on the steps based on the round number

Stop Two:  Mosey to the meadow.  Burpees and bear crawls.  Bear crawl the meadow stopping at each of the five trees and doing one burpee at tree one, two burpees at tree two and so on until you get to tree five and the sidewalk

Stop Three:  Minges pool wall for BTW and WWI.  17 PAX lined up against the wall with the first PAX leading us in 10 seconds of BTW and the next with 5 WWI and so on until the end

Stop Four:  Bus stop at the bottom of Minges.  Partner up for catch me if you can to the top of the parking lot (up Charles Blvd) One partner runs, one does a burpee and then catches partner and switch until to the top.

Stop Five: Tennis Courts (soon to be named after Charlie Brown after he meets with the Pirate Club to help pay to have them resurfaced).  4 corners increasing the reps in each corner starting with 5, 10, 15 and then 20 of merkins and WWI (also do one burpee for fun at the end in each corner)

Stop Six:  Back to the flag for one burpee for fun.


Prayer Request:  Kingpin (prostate cancer); Silverback surgery today (Candy Cane noted he should be back at Cypress Glenn in no time);

Announcements: Sasquatch donations (bring to the AO’s) and also sign up to participate and volunteer; Wednesday night at 6pm there is a Wing Fling at Kingpin’s house to celebrate Rambo’s return from serving our country.  Bring your favorite wings (cooked or to be cooked) and BYOB.  Rambo promises a surprise gift for the PAX; Cold Cut is the Q Tuesday at Eagles Ridge; Tortise is doing a Sasquatch training Q at Run Strong Tuesday; Candy Cane says the only real workout this week is at The Good Fight Thursday

Moleskin:  I met FNG Slalom in March because our 2.0’s were on the same little league team and he asked me one day “What is F3” and I slowly worked him for a headlock over the season and glad he was able to make his debut today.  Also good to see Newfie back in the gloom after four or five weeks in the fart sack.  I’ve been doing F3 for over two years now and it has had a very positive impact on my life and motivation to get better in all three F’s.  I saw this online the other day and wanted to share:

“We see failure. God sees what we will become. We see mistake. God sees growth opportunity. We see where we are. God sees where we are going. Trust in God’s bigger plan for your life”

See you in the Gloom soon



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