Cold morning as YHC arrived at MASH. No Q on calendar and no one admits to being the Q so Chuck says I will do it.

Disclaimer given and as you know Chuck does not do good morning and crap like that so here is what happened.


Mosey towards Epes school and stopped for some squats and bear crawls. Run to 1st Pres parking lot and line up. Bear crawl to other side and do 20 hallelujahs bear crawl back and do 40 hallelujahs bear crawl back and Rambo leads IC 40 hallelujahs.

Run to Brookgreen . Lunge across road and 10 merkins. Lunge back 20 merkins. Then some other stuff.

Run to shelter behind Elm St . Tennis courts. We identified girls cars who were at #boynamedsue for later work.

One leg squats IC x 10 each leg. Super Step up timed 1minute. Irkins x 10 Ic. Rinse and repeat.

Run to bottom of hill and partner up. One partner sprints up hill and lunges down while other does squats. Tag, rinse and repeat. Mosey to other shelter.

One leg squats IC x 10, Merkins and step ups. LBC’s x 20. other stuff.

Run up hill to favorite #boynamedsue cars and perform favorite exercise.

Mosey to Brookgreen and squats and lunges. Run to Epes School and Plank Jacks x20 IC led by Pax.

Mosey to 14th  St and wait for six. We did other other stuff there.

Run to RR tracks and line up for suicides.

Sprint to light and back. Sprint to second light and back. sprint again and back . Hold plank .Mosey to parking lot and then to flag circle. Mary led by Slim Jim, Slalom, Fats, and others



Great time with each PAX leading at some point today. Always be willing to lead.  Prayers for my mom, Slalom’s dad, Pax with job, marriage, relationship , 2.0 concerns and other. Be sure to encourage a brother this week.

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