Hey Folks!

sorry for the delay but here we are!

I did my normal pre-post routine and asked alexa about the weather. She informed me that it was clear and 52, sounds great! Thing is, she forgot to mention the 30mph sustained winds coming in from the north. Showed up up in a tshirt and shorts…. luckily had a hoodie in the back of the Jeep.


SSH, Then busted out of that side of the stadium trying to find a better place to get out of the wind. (it became the theme of the work out)

We Spent some time limbering up focusing on legs mainly.

the thang

Moseyed around to the playground for  sevens pullups and derkins. Rain started

headed to the stairs for some calf raises and stair running. Rain intensified

hid out under a tent for some lunges and ended with mary

Good Time!!

Panther outt

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