It has been awhile since YHC has stepped foot out at the Oval Office, an AO YHC help start.  And man did I feel it.  You can forget how running the track gets the legs burning more then hill repeats which is all I have been doing.  When it comes to BRR sometimes speed = strength.

The thang:

1 mile warmup
800 with 600 60-70% effort and last 200 all out effort. 400 recover
Repeat until time

Prayer Requests:
Captain Obvious 2.0 has a birthday
Tortoise’s M is driving to Ohio today with their baby
Shake and Bake career advancement is moving in an awesome direction
Cable nailed a job, has some life transitions with new home and selling of old home

Sasquatch 8/1….

Like I said, it has been awhile for YHC at the Oval and I am going to stop that trend.  I need to get back out there pushing myself on the track. That speed will turn to strength for BRR. YHC was also excited to bring out 2 young studs that I have the pleasure of leading each day at Fleet Feet. Cowabunga (Nick short hair twin) and Dazed and Confused (Andrew long hair twin) are great young men that are in that transition in life of college to young adult.  And looking back on my life I wish I had F3 in it when I was that age or just to have someone to guide me other then my parents. I pray those men keep coming out, I pray I can pour into them what someone didn’t pour into me when I was their age.


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