4 arrived at the Oval Office to put some work in on what turned out to be a nice Friday morning.  After some brief conversation and stretching the clock hit 0530 and we made our way to the track where the workout went a little something like this.

  • 800m Warmup
  • 1600m 5K pace
  • 800m Cooldown
  • 3 X 800m 5K Pace
  • 3 X 400M Cool Down

The Oval is always very humbling and motivating at the same time for YHC.  The Humbling part – YHC being lapped a considerable amount of times.  The motivational part – Witnessing you guys put in the work only makes me want to get better.  Friday mornings circling the track are never lacking good conversation.  It was a pleasure as always fellowshipping with Gazelle, Captain Obvious, and Matlock.  After the workout we circled up and prayed for minimal chaos as a result of the Coronavirus.  Big thanks to the Captain for the opportunity to Q!

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