On a cool summer morning, completing a black ops run that never existed… Tortoise and Footloose were running along together.  Certain comments were made about July 4th being a favorite holiday… lots of drinking… little sleep… and a following morning Q.  In a true guilt trip fashion, I offered to take the Q on Friday from Footloose for a Runstrong trade.  Done deal.

Many enjoyed the fart sack on Friday morning but six came together to run in a circle again and again.  Warm-ups are always necessary with a 800m jog and active warm-up activities.  To keep it simple, we went for 400m repeats with 400m recoveries in between.  Plain and simple.  Captain Obvious was the leader, but due to a logistical error, was unable to lap everyone at least once.  10 reps was the goal, and everyone made a valiant effort in their own capabilities.

The week of the Tortoise continued after a RunStrong Q, Home Run secret, and Oval Office laps.  Not leading The Commons but will be in attendance for a strong finish!

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