On time start with 600m warm up. workout: set of tempo 400m, easy 400m, hard 400m, easy 400m repeated until 6:11, then cool down lap, back for the six, to the flag. with a few seconds to kill YHC led a few squat counts till time expired. On the hard laps, pax was instructed to envision the finish line and push to it. This may have been diminished some due to 7 times we needed to go over the sequence of the laps to get the order straight in our heads. Sometimes we may be smarter as individuals than as a group, but as a group we always go harder and have more fun! The goal of the work out was to push as hard as possible on the hard 400m knowing that  there would be plenty of time to recover before the next hard lap, but with the extra burn of laps between and previous efforts the work needed to match hard efforts increasing giving PAX a chance to push their will to strive to the finish line. Goal was accomplished with some guys even hitting PRs!

Prayer request- Gazelle’s grandmother passing at 93, Crankshaft’s M induced labor, Vanillas baby boy Crew born, Aquaman and his family, Rafiki’s coming mission trip to Belize, Novocain M’s job search, Gamecock son’s flight home from Argentina, Gazelle’s brother’s wedding, Duff’s family

Announcements- Fleet Feet’s Big Run 5K (chip timed on USTAF certified course) wednesday 6pm. visit running sign up for more info and to register. Anyone who can lend a trailer for cone pick-up or who has a large cooler that can be used for water bottles contact Horned Frog or Foot Loose.

Thank you to every one for making turning 40 into something fantastic! F3 has blessed me in so many ways. It is such a privilege and joy to get to share the excitement for the road ahead with fellow forward travelers. Thank you to all the HIM who have push and pulled. Cheers to you, and all the chances to ‘push the rock’ as we take another trip around the sun!



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