It was a cold and brisk morning at the Oval Office.  YHC had plans to conduct a very fast paced beatdown, but due to the nature of nature the plan changed.  0530 rolled about, YHC was with one other PAX (if you need to know who that other one was then please look above… NoIDeer), and so it was time to…



1-Mile Warm-Up

We traditionally conduct only a 2-lap warm-up (800m or 1/2 mile depending on what country you are from) but because we are old and the joints take more time to warm-up, YHC decided to go with 1-mile (~1600m)



8 x 400m at 5k Pace; 200m cool-down (walk/jog)

400m cool-down at the end of the workout


Some great conversation took place even though we were huffin’ and puffin’… but we were not blowing any houses down.  We barely had enough air in our lungs to breath.



Prayers for NoIDeer’s friend with cancer

Prayers for the Country

PAX Lunch



Don’t let the cold weather stop you from posting at any site in ENC.  Although the cold weather may make it easier to stay under the covers, it is always harder to gain back what was lost by not working out.  2021 may not have started how any of us would have liked, but that shouldn’t stop you from continuing to make yourself better.  Have a blessed day.


– Captain Obvious

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