Yhc got to the AO around 435 for some EC, jumped out of the car and the wind said to jump back in the car! So yhc stayed in the car, did a little reading, and some more shuteye.. lol. Pax started rolling in as Captain and yhc were wondering if this frigid wind scarred most off. Thank you brother for the opportunity! Disclaimer given, and here’s what happend at the Oval.

  • Dad jokes like these were told throughout the workout, no shortage of laughter and fellowship, and we all got better at the end.
    • What’s a ninja’s favorite drink? karTEA!
    • I used to hate the hokey pokey but I really turned myself around.
    • What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta…
    • Have you seen the cat bowl? No, I didn’t know it could!

Yep, that’s the mumblechatter the pax got today, with Tonka, Floater and Strokes!

The Thang

  • 400m
  • 1600m best pace
  • 400m recovery
  • 1200m best pace
  • 400m recovery
  • 800m best pace
  • 400m recovery
  • 400m best pace – Tonka and Captain can FLY!
  • 400 recovery + 400 cool down lap back to the flag.


  • Strokes tooth problem over the last year. (Great to see this HIM!)
    • Stroke’s M getting baptized, committing her life to God! PRAISE!
  • Ball Drop – pray for those who have hate in their hearts, to just find love!
  • Tonka – strength for him to continue to pour into those who are coming to NA. May God use him in a mighty way!


  • Check out https://www.f3enc.com/

Moleskin – Run, laugh, repeat! A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

Blessings – FP

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