Warm Up:

SSH(x10 IC)

Good Mornings(x10 IC)

Abe Igotas(x10 IC)

High Knees(x10 IC)

Once we were good and warm we went for a little jog to get the blood flowing(32 degrees this morning) 3/4 of a mile later and we were back at the park.

There are two speed bumps in the main parking lot and they are about 20 yards apart.

We did 10 Rounds of these exercises running back and forth.

At one end the pax stopped and did

5 Squats

5 Mericans

5 Mountain Climbers on a Two Count

At the other end they stopped and did

5 World War 2 Sit Ups

5 Freddie Mercurys on a two count

5 Row the Boats

It totaled up to be 50 reps of each exercise

Once everyone was back in the circle we did plank-o-rama

Started with each pax doing a one count going around the circle, then 2 count, 3 count, 4 count and 5 count.

We counted off by twos and took off on an Indian Run around the park.



Prayer Requests:

Shank and Lt. Dan’s wives as they go through COVID, Bonesaw’s daughter Michelle having surgery, Forrest’s Dad with shingles and the Boys and Girls Club fundraiser.


12 Days of Christmas on Saturday 9 am Kinston High School

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