Well the heater was broken at the school house this morning as we all gathered at The Swamp for a little Q-school 101 in below freezing temps. This was YHC first time doing a Q-school so was a little more nervous he forgot the cones he was going to use for part of the workout halfway to the AO but luckily had time to go back and get them!


Had the Pax do slow squats while I explained what Q-school was and went over the mission statement and 5 principles of F3

Warm Up: had different Pax call out cadence for practice

SSH (IC) x20

High knees (IC) x 10

Butt Kickers (IC) x10

Abe Vigodas (IC) x 10

Arm Burners (IC)- forward, back, seal clap, hallelujahs

The Thang:

Mosey to the outfield where YHC had put the cones that he almost forgot in a diamond shape

7 of Diamonds- Had a large group so split into 4 groups each at a cone

  1. 7 burpees
  2. 14 merkins
  3. 21 squats
  4. 28 WWI situps

First round we all did together and moseyed to each cone after the exercieses

Next round was OYO and bear crawl between cones

Mosey to rock pile and everyone grabbed a rock. Yes they were frozen and YHC didn’t think about how cold they would make our hands until he couldn’t feel his fingers after 2-3 exercises. We circled up and everyone went around calling out and leading a round. 4 exercises doing 5 reps of each, 10, 15 until everyone got to lead. Explained that many bootcamps had build-up or ladder exercises such as this.

  1. Curls 4 Girls
  2. Rows
  3. Goblet squats
  4. Tricep extensions

Returned coupons then mosey’d to the parking lot. YHC explained this was going to be a “smoker” part of the workout that would challenge the most in shape as well as the Respect guys. We did 11s across the lot: 10 merkins, 1 burpee; 9 merkins, 2 burpees; and so on. Most made it to around 6/5 until we ran out of time.

Circled back up for a few minutes of cool down with pax leading their choice of exercises.

Prayers: for Sissy Bar’s wife who just found out cancer, Jamie rouse family, Layup’s son, Bonesaw’s son

Praise for Paul Bruschett recovery and Truth Hurts F3 weight loss!

Announcements: PAX lunch today, Marys Kitchen

Molseskin: Being this was YHCs only 4th time Qing a workout I know this was prob not the best Qschool. I appreciate those in the leadership allowing me to do it. I know explaining exercises clearly is one of many leadership areas I lack but know that if I keep Qing that it will improve. I appreciate every opportunity to lead and try to better myself and appreciate every PAX who has helped me and tries to get better with me each time. Amazing things are happening here in Kinston and I am so glad to be a part of it. I can’t wait to see what we will be doing this time next year! Aye!!




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