Some time ago, several PAX said, “Hey Monarch, why don’t you try rucking? You might like it.” Shortly after that, #ruckon came on the scene, and YHC thought, “OK, I’ll give it a try”- and the rest is history. So, YHC jumped at the chance to Q. It looked like this:

Circle Up/Welcome/Introduction/Pledge of Allegiance

The thang:

Simple loop- out to Charles, north to Reade Circle, turn right, go to First Street, turn left, go to Greene, back down Greene to Cotanche, and back up to the Stadium. All of which took us until 6:15. A few made it around the baseball field and the stadium as well.

COT: counterama, name-o-rama, prayer requests, took a knee and prayed out, and took a picture.

Thanks and T-Claps to all who posted and to Skipper for the Q.

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