EC:  YHC, Stabler, Haavaad, Show Boat, Candy Cane, Bench, Patch & Lynard Skynard got in a few EC miles from 440am-515am

The Route: Simple out and back in honor of Cinco De Mayo. Down Ficklen Drive; right on Charles to Chico’s and back.  The faster PAX were instructed to continue up Cotanche Street toward Town Commons and turn around at 545am

Prayer Request:  YHC Dad is in the hospital; Patch M & 2.0, Bench’s Mom, Short Round’s Sister in hospital; Mental Health for kids and adults

Announcements:  Men’s Mental Well Being Convergence this Saturday, May 8th, sign up here:; Panther had some storm damage to his house and needs some help cleaning up after the convergence on Saturday (check slack for details); 87 days until The Sasquatch is Saturday July 31; Smores is the Q next Wednesday at Ruck On; Deep Dish is the Q Friday at First Aid; Come to Q Source on Sunday and hear some CSAUP Testimonies; Post at Mash on Monday’s and let Show Boat show you how to get better; Sunday is Mother’s Day

Quote of the day:  “We tend to think a thought is something you have and not something you own.  As you have no control over it. Once you realize I get to choose them, I get to change them and I get to control them, that’s when you’ll be blown away with the freedom in that”

– Jon Acuff

It was a great morning to get your day started with some miles in the gloom. Awesome crowd of 32 PAX!  BIG F3 WELCOME to FNG Wild Thing!  Super excited he was able to join us today and look forward to seeing him one morning again soon.  There is something for every man at F3. Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health is all important.  Share the gift of F3 with someone and challenge yourself to invite a FNG or Kotter to meet you at ONE workout soon.  That’s right, its starts with ONE workout.  Ask the simple question, can you do it for a day?  Thanks to Skipper for the opportunity to Q



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