EC Ruck.
Bono and jock itch blasted a care package from HDT
The rest of us rucked: Bearded Jester, Bench, Pied Piper, Haavaad, Stabler, Patch, Just the tip.

Warm up:
good mornings 10x
arm circles 10x
ssh’s 10x

Mosey to the back soccer field
form a circle and drop rucks
rotate to the left.
alternate between 10 squats 10 curls, 10 triceps extensions until you get back to your ruck.

Mosey to the woods, hold rucks overhead through the woods.
Mosey to the courts.
rucks in a pile.
pass rucks down and back while holding six inches/flutter kicks.

ruck to the concessions stand
BTTW 10 count
People’s chair 10 count

ruck to the playground
5 pull ups with rucks/partner when needed

ruck to the flag
divide the pax in two teams.
team one merkins while team two shuffles the parking lot.
Team one squats while team two shuffles the parking lot.

End with a quick set of mary

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