Pledge of Allegiance to begin. Two by two we ended up on field one.

Rucks on front: 10 Squats, 10 Lunges. 3 sets

Rucks overhead: 10 Squats, 10 Lunges. 3 sets

Rucks on the ground, planking over them. Grasp them: roll Right and Press. Roll back and Merkin, 10 times.

Strap up, side by side. Bear Crawl the length of the sports field. Two by two, half pace. Headed through the trail to mid-field. Crawl Bear half the field.

Rucks Off. 10 Curls. 10 Tricep extensions, down the line, errbody.

Strap up two by two, heading to the concession stand wall where the wall awaited for 3 counts of BTtheW. Plank out then round two, the other way. Head on up the trail then stop and run backwards a ways then plank and stretch. Table top a tad……………….cause I (errbody) was ready to be home, eating some eggs because we got TOAST today already.

A pleasure to be the driver at RR. CC out until another time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

YHC prayed us out, Ethan Buck family in his young life passing. Charlie Brown. Steamy. Spinal Tap. Elderly parents, loved ones going through this life, Alzheimers of Bullfrog’s MIL, and his family. Our young ppl, we have to be ministers of hope. Who else but the men of F3. Love on your children. Jesus did say, “You’ll know my DISCIPLES by the LOVE they show.”

MAY14 ALS walk and fund raising event happening. “Daughters of ALS”, is Bullfrog’s  link to look for to contribute.

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