YHC was still recovering from a sore foot and thought it would be smart to hit the snooze button for EC and show up prior to the workout. The snooze button ended up winning and YHC came in hot with a minute to spare and after receiving a call asking, “Where you at brother?”

5:15 hit, circled up, and disclaimer was given

The Thang

3 sandbags- PAX divided into two lines and went towards the fields, taking a right by the bathrooms and doing a lap around the track.

Came back to the bathrooms, dropped the sandbags:

Peoples Chair Ruck Over Head- 30 count

Peoples Chair Ruck Out Front- 30 Count

Peoples Chair Ruck Between Legs- 30 (even though there was a certain PAX member not to be named, Bono, swinging his sack trying to distract)

Sandbags were put back on and took the track to the right back to the middle of the field. (Sandbags were rotated the entire time used)

Once in the middle, one sandbag was laid down off the track and other 2 were taken 25 meters out.

First Exercise:

Bear Crawl to Sandbags

Ruck High Pulls- 20 IC

Bear Crawl back to Sandbags

Ruck High Pulls- 20 IC

Second Exercise:

Lung to Sandbags

Ruck Curls- 10 IC (4 count)

Lung back to other sandbags

Ruck Curls- 10 IC (4 count)

One Lap around the track, shuffling through the woods on the last turn

When we returned to the original spot, the sandbags were gone (taken by Bono and BJ)

Third Exercise: (With Sandbags gone, PAX start point was the track and went to midfield on the soccer field)

Fireman carry- left hand

Overhead Ruck Squat- 10 IC

Fireman carry- right hand

Over Ruck Squat- 10 IC (4 count)

Fourth Exercise:

100 m Ruck Overhead Carry (from Track to 2nd set of soccer goals)

Flutter Kicks- 20 IC (Rucks on)

Took the track to the left of the playground and shuffled to the flag.


Prayer Request:

Grisham’s dad having heart procedure, Abu’s dad, Noonan with the loss of family dog, C12, Recount on passing of M, Injured PAX, The PAX members traveling up to D.C. this weekend taking part in the GoRuck Star Course, Furlough family, Noonan’s friend mother passing away, Duffs family

Thank you BJ for roping me into Q’ing during our BlackOps ruck on Monday. This was my first PT ruck Q and it’s always a challenge but more fun than most think to Q. So if you haven’t Q’d yet, go ahead and pop that cherry, you’ll feel better afterwards.

Bambino Out


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