Since Bono doesn’t like Good Mornings, we warmed up with 20 burpees. I think some PAX thought YHC was joking but it was no joke. Mumblechatter and some half-hearted burpees followed…

The Thang

Coupons were aplenty. Four kettbells; three 35# and one 53#. Also, three sandbags including YHC’s 80+ pounder. Abu picked the big bag up first and upon slinging it on his back declared “this sand bag is heavy, what’s in it?” to which YHC replied, “sand”. Ruckers moved out.

After taking a big loop, approximately 1 mile, PAX dropped the coupons at the picnic tables and began the PT portion of the workout.

The Thang within The Thang

A slightly modified version of the “Teacher” workout from the 5 Service Appreciation Workouts from the monthly Go Ruck challenge. It went as follows:

  • 1 minute of step ups
  • 2 minute plank hold (5 second rest in the middle)
  • 4 merkins (two is one)
  • 8 ruck get-ups
  • 16 ruck thrusters
  • 32 ruck swings
  • 64 walking lunges
  • 128 flutter kicks (32, 4-count) with rucks up

PAX gathered up their coupons and we rucked out the clock, calling it at 0615 with some detailed instructions from Abu on how the Good Morning should be performed. Bono was not impressed.

Prayer Requests

C12 brothers and sisters, Caliente’s mom (FIA), Abu’s dad, Recount’s wife, Grout’s family friend.


There were some ruck ready regulars conspicuously missing today and I can’t help but wonder why. However, 12 PAX was a strong number and I am grateful to those who came out and supported my first ruck ready Q!! Grout out.

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