We have this special ceremony in Boy Scouts where a man holds a huge rock and his brother come over to take the burden. The metaphor is that we never shift our burdens to another man. Instead our brothers are always there to take a burden on. 15 studs showed up for this sandbag training exercise.


  • 10 BW Burpees OYO
  • 10 IC Merkins
  • 10 BW Burpees OYO
  • 10 IC Jazz Hand Squats
  • 10 BW Burpees OYO
  • 10 IC Ruck Shoulder Press
  • 10 BW Burpees OYO
  • 10 IC Ruck Burpees IC

The Thang

Find a buddy. Line up by the Ruck events completed. Fold the line to pair up and even numbered pax flip sides. That way each team is a random mix of novice and experience. Split the Pax in two by lining up 2×2 with sandbags split between each line. We started with chaos. Just start rucking and figure it out.

At the play ground,  we went over how to transition a sandbag. Then we raced. Remember this is a race between the two teams so treat it like one. Team Right vs Team Left.

Round 1 – Loop around the smaller circle through the woods (exclude the path at the front of the building). 1/2 the sandbags this round. Send teams in opposite direction. This took about 11:25 min for the 3/4 mile. Once you return (all men back together with sandbags on shoulders – Winner gets 5 burpees, 2nd place gets 10. Team Left was victorious this round.

Round Two – Load the teams with equal number of sandbags and run it again. Team Right smoked it this time. Everyone cut 30 seconds off the time. Same burpees penalty at the flag.

COT/BOM – Prayers for injured pax and Kotters, Seabass’ 2.0. Belding’s MIL, Ann. Bullfrogs MIL, Jane. Coach Lovette. Praise for Patches 2.0.

Moleskin – This turned out to be a tough workout, or at least as tough as you pushed yourself. Speed Rucking is tough. Doing it with a sandbag takes a man past individual desire to keep going. You only push for your team.

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