7 PAX showed up for EC at 440. Rucked 2 miles.

started workout at 515 am. The warmup was SSH, arm circles, good mornings,merkins, squats.Then we rucked with sandbags for about a mile rotating every 50 steps.  Then we did a sandbag swing toss race about 75 yards, after each toss the tosser did a burpee and went to the back of the line. Losing team had to do a burpee. After that we did another sandbag thruster toss for a race and each tosser did a merkin after each toss. The losing team had to do 2 merkins. After the 2 races where completed we rucked for another mile. Then we teamed up in 2 man teams to complete 100 ruck swings, 200 ruck presses, 300 squats. While one person was doing the exercise the other ran with the ruck about 40 yards. Then we rucked for about 10 minutes rotating the sandbag. Then we circled up.


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