One thing I learned from the 6 year anniversary convergence was we need to get better at rotating coupons or sandbags that is.  That was our goal this morning.  Get better.  And we did.

Warmup: Arm circles forward and then backward.  Hallelujahs.  Good mornings. Rucks off and dressed all identical.  Almost perfect but not quite so 5 penalty burpees.  Rucks on, Air Squats IC.

The Thang: Get enough sandbags for 2 to 1 ratio. 2 x 2 move entire team and bags together to Wintergreen.  6 minute time hack.  Rotation school begins.  Lynard Skynyrd and Candy Cane demonstrated two techniques for proper sandbag rotation.  In addition we discussed the importance of keeping pace and not slowing down the formation as the rotation occurs.  To ensure we learned this we paired up and each group rucked around the circle at Wintergreen rotating every 10 or 15 paces. Rinse and Repeat.  With partner do 15 sandbag cleans while partner is doing merkins then switch.  Back to rucking with the sandbags.  This time in formation 2×2 all together for a couple of laps around the circle.  Now for a little Dora with partner.  25 sandbag burpees, 50 sandbag overhead presses (ruck press modification), 75 sandbag bench press while partner rucks (not shuffle) to the 3rd sign and back.  This was fun.  School was over and we rucked and rotated our way back to Alice Keene.  A couple of laps around the parking lot and it was 0615.

Goals accomplished no man was left behind and we all got better.

We had so much fun I forgot the curls and tricep extensions  Maybe next time.

Haavaad out.


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