EC: YHC, BJ, Skynyrd, Just The Tip, Haavaad, Bono

Warmup: M Phelps, Cherry Pickers, Imp Walkers

Tha Thang
Ruck up, Coupons up-single file, arms distance apart , ghostman in betwist-rotate on the minute

Back Lot: 11’s: Merkins-shuffle across lot Squats

Ruck up, Coupons up-Yada-Yada

Halt at the concession wall
10 count Peeps Chair and yes that included Tap
BTW for a 4 count Chicken Pecker per Pax(and yes Tap held count one armed-impressive)

Picnic Shelter:
7’s Swerkins and dips

Ruck up, Shut UP! and Coupons Up-around to the Flag

On Your 6: Flutter Fails for 4 min-and RECOVER

YHC 2.0
Abu’s Dad
Our Country

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