The wind was spot on to start the morning, downright gloom like…

0440 EC ruck to get it going.  Great to have Haavaad back out and on the move after surgery, and 2-Stop as well.

0515 A nice collection of HIM’s have gathered, a couple for their first Ruck AO, so YHC decided to dive into the deep end and get the cold shock out of the way.

The Thang:

We pledge allegiance, then some warm-ups… Good Mornings IC, Imperial Squat Walkers (just a squat) IC, Hallelujahs IC, and Merkins IC

We load up coupons, two pax wide in formation and ruck a winding trail to Wintergreen parking lot, rotating coupons along the way.  Wind and temperature becomes an afterthought once you have coupons and mumblechatter to keep you company.

Wintergreen parking, we assemble into 3 pax teams for AMRAP, pax 1 carries sandbag on one shoulder to next light pole, and then carries back on other shoulder, pax 2 performs AMRAP merkins, pax 3 performs AMRAP squats.  Then we rotate until each team member gets to shoulder carry, merkins, and squats.  Rinse and repeat for 2nd round of the above.

Grounding coupons in orderly formation, we then alternate between ruck walk and ruck shuffle one lap around the parking lot.

Moving to middle of parking lot, pax lines up for bear crawls and burpees.  We bear crawl 3 parking spots, then 3 burpees, bear crawl 3, burpees 3, and so forth until we reach end of parking lot.

Oxygen being at a premium at this point, we circle up on our six for some Mary.  Flutter kicks IC, Patch leads us in Crab Cakes IC, Curls IC, Grapevine leads Tri-extensions IC, Padre leads more curls IC, and then Skynyrd Tri-extensions IC.

Another lap of Ruck walk, Ruck shuffle around the parking lot, this time in formation 2×2 and back around to our waiting coupons.

Load up coupons in formation 2×2 and we ruck back across to Alice Keene Park.  We then take the long winding trail back to the woods, past the soccer field, more woods, and looping back around at the concession stand building (rotating coupons for the entire stretch).

At concession stand we deposit coupons in orderly fashion, line up against wall for peoples chair (5-count each pax), recover, then BTTW/chicken peckers (5-count each pax).

Load up coupons and we head for the flag.  Deposit coupons by flag, and then we circle up for rucks overhead flutter kicks led by Spinal Tap (50 IC).

COT: Prayers for Patch’s M and 2.0, prayers for recovering pax, prayers for safe holiday travels, praise for recovering pax who are getting back out with us!

Lots of community involvement opportunities.  Challenge yourself personally to get out and contribute, to help others, and do it without advertising.  God will know, and it is to his glory.

Announcements: Convergence the Saturday after Thanksgiving at BLP.  Come learn more about shield lock and why we need it.  Also, support Bullfrog and his ruck VQ!

Thanks for the Q opportunity Blueprint!  Great group of pax this morning, mumblechatter was lively, Bench, Patch, Skynyrd on point.

Short Round

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