4:40: all PAX present or EC-but one panzie ran

5:15 WARMUP:M Phelps, Cherry Pickers, Imp Walkers


Ruck Up, Coupons up, ghost men in between-rotation every 60 seonds

Walk with Purpose, 1 lap to the Pickleball court-coupons grounded
-11’s Merkins/squat with shuffling in between

To the Concession Wall-coupons grounded
-10 count Peoples Chair
– 5 count BTTW-Hope you have your waste belt

Ruck up-continue around the place with 60 second coupon rotation

To the Railway ties-coupons grounded
-7’s 4-count Merkins/Never Surrenders

Coupons up-rotate as commanded

Halt at the picnic area-coupons grounded
-11’s Step ups/ dips

Coupons up with minute rotation to the flag
Ground Coupons for good

Flutter Fails
– Rucks overhead
– Flutter to failure
– Merkins with hands on ruck 5 count
– Repeat until 6:15

Prayers: injured PAX,C12 business owners, My 2.0 college, Easter

Announcements: Marathon Ruck Friday 6:00 pm

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