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Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

Arm Burners x 10 IC (Front, Back, Seal Claps, Hallelujahs)


The Thang:

YHC knew Pellet was coming from Kinston, but at 5:15, I quickly realized he must have thought the workout was at 5:30.  So after the warmup, we rucked with sandbags for a few minutes and circled back to the flag a little before 5:30 to pick up Pellet.  Once we got to Pellet, we did DT, 5 rounds of 12 sandbag cleans, 9 sandbag cleans, and 6 sandbag presses.  After each round, we shuffled 100 yards and did 5 Devil’s Presses with our ruck sacks on my down.  We stayed together for this workout and chatter was awesome for our small group.

After DT, we rucked to the playground.  There we partnered up.   Partner 1 had to static hold ruck sack over their head locked out while partner 2 did ten 60lb sandbag get-ups.  Round 2, we modified to five 60lb sandbags get-ups.  Patch got a few more in, these sucked really bad!  By this time, clock was close to 6:15, we rucked back to the flag.


Patch’s M and 2.0, Skynard’s Back, Pellet’s 2.0, Punchout’s neck

Announcements – Kinston’s One Year Anniversary

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