Got head locked about this time last year and then everything shut down. I rescheduled and then caught the Covid. I finally made my Q today at RR without anything bad happening. It went something like this.


  • Pledge
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Good Mornings
  • Arm Circles 

The Thang

  • Get in line 2×2 and head over to the concession stand. Pax were instructed that we were going to be doing the back loop with three time hacks and some PT mixed in between.
  • Completed the first loop in just over 12 minutes and then partnered up for 100’s of ruck swings, merkins and ruck press. One partner would perform exercise while other ran to crosswalk and back and then flapjack.
  • We then fell back into formation and were off for our second lap. Second lap was completed just over 11 mins. We then got with partners again and one bear crawled to the first car while other did squats until the return with FJ.
  • It was now time for the last loop around the park. This one was more like a run and was completed just over 9 minutes. We had just enough time for a 10 ct from each pax B2W.
  • Rucked back to flag for Mary with a double dose of flutter kicks.


  • Bench’s Mom
  • Noonan’s taste buds
  • T-Bone Family
  • Ma Bell Father in Law
  • Newfie Q tomorrow at School Yard and Stabler Friday at Westside
  • Saturday morning 0530 ruck event  ( 4ish hours)
  • Patch new shield lock whetstone Q
  • Pub ruck 3/17
  • 4/20 Porch Building for lady in need ( In Ayden behind Bums)
  • Check out End It Ruck website
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