Could there be a better time of the year to workout? It is perfect weather to really get out and enjoy working out. YHC loves it when asked to Q at RunStrong. There are so many running options around that area to be able to ensure all levels of runners get in a good workout.
Today instead of just out and back YHC broke up the route into Running, Running and then Running again.

Warm-up: Not required

The Thang: Route

Elm then left on Greenway
Greenway then left up College Hill
Run thru dorms then right on 14th
14th then left on Charles
Charles to lower Minges Bus Stop

Line up and then Sprint to 1st light pole and mosey back to bus stop OYO
Repeat this to 2nd light pole and so on until we sprinted the whole length of parking lot to practice field
While running sprints we accidentally woke up the PAX at Eagles Ridge. Sorry about that!!!

Then we started running again
Left on Charles
Left on Greenville
Left on Elm

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer requests
StringBean- Praise for Father/Son time in the Mountains. Learn to disconnect and plug into your family.
ClosedHand’s Mother diagnosed with breast cancer, surgery soon
T-bone’s daughter is freshman at UNCG and had a friend get sexually assaulted yesterday. Do not be afraid to talk with you 2.0s about issues like this and to respect others.

Closed with prayer.


Check calendar, try posting somewhere new, if you have only been to running workouts, find a bootcamp to try.
Bootcampers, try a run, ruck or KB workout. All the workouts are tough but your brothers will always be there to help and make everyone better.
Meet other PAX, get to know them, you never know, you might just HAVE FUN.


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