Many came together on this beautiful morning joining Runstrong and Sandlot.  After coming in hot due to some technical difficulties in the morning, I arrived carrying the flag.  The group was split into three teams with each being assigned a color (technical difficulty number 2).  There was a 3.5 mile, 4.2 and 5.0 mile routes and the game was afoot!

On the back of each flag was an exercise to be completed be the team.  Once done, there was a map to the next flag.  As a team, everyone had to run to the next location.  Wash rinse repeat.  Exercises included warm up butt kickers/high knees, push ups, jump squats, lunges, prison squats, burpees and just plain running.  Hills were attacked ascending and descending.  Some went up 14th street hill, others ran out to the Greenway, and all made a brief visit to Eagles Ridge.

All in all, a good time to come together and work as a group for a great morning adventure.  This all culminated with a large thank you to everyone as this does mark my first post but the time of year I began posting consistently.  And yes, I was finally talked into BRR.  Not so much Sasquatch… maybe some support team work.  I have appreciated everyone’s assistance with making me feel welcomed, especially coming from a different background.  A good feeling of respect.  I am also grateful for the guidance and connections I have made during workouts and enjoying conversations with peers.

Finally, we all came together and read the secret message hidden within the flags: FIRST CHILD COMING


Thanks everyone for all the support and looking forward to the next set of amazing milestones ahead!

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