Happy New Year!  A group of fine young men came together to run a few morning miles.  To keep it easy, we started from ESP and turned left onto 10th.  After a short journey, we made another turn at Charles and went the long way down to Elm St.  A final loop back to ESP all the while getting the six got us all in around that 4-5 mile mark of distance.


Once back, a gathering circle of trust  allowed those to openly share and quietly share their personal prayers.  Snack time was provided with some apples and honey, a Rosh Hashanna treat to celebrate a sweet new year.  This time of year is the high holidays in Judaism connecting  Rosh  Hashannah  (the  new  year) and ten days  later, Yom Kippur (day of atonement).

A quick overview of this ten day period was shared:

The Ten Days of Repentance are seen as an opportunity for change. And since the extremes of complete righteousness and complete wickedness are few and far between, Rosh Hashanah functions, for the majority of people, as the opening of a trial that extends until Yom Kippur. It is an unusual trial. Most trials are intended to determine responsibility for past deeds. This one, however, has an added dimension: determining what can be done about future deeds. The Ten Days of Repentance are crucial to the outcome of the trial, since our verdict is determined both by our attitude toward our misdeeds and by our attempts to rectify them by changing ourselves.


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