Yhc’s legs were toast from Sunday, but you can’t say no when asked to Q.  Thanks Brass Monkey for the opportunity!  Pax started to roll in, disclaimer and safety given, route given, and off we went.

Take R on Elm, R on 10th, R on Greenville Blvd, R on Elm, back to the flag.  Come back for the six when you get to, Villa Verde, Burger King, United Bank, and Elm Street.  Most got 4.5-5 miles on this beautiful morning.

Count-a-rama – The pax who was number “6” had the opportunity to share a little bit about himself.  Today, the sixth man was Underdog!


  • Wedgie’s neighbor – Heart surgery. (Paul)
  • RedBox’s neighbor had a heart attack (41 years old) – Colin
  • Brass Monkey – 2.0’s dance instructor lost a love one. Healing and comfort for family.
  • Quick Lube lost his Father. Healing and comfort for family.
  • Handy Man’s family.


  • Pirate Radio will be tailgating this Thursday! Join for free food and a good time!
  • Yhc has the q tomorrow at Buildup.
  • Brass Monkey has his birthday Q next Tuesday at Runstrong!


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