Broga Warmup

Follow me to the meat locker

Form 2 lines of 6 across

Dynamic Warmup up the loading ramp

High Knees

Back pedal

High Knee Karaoke

High Knee Karaoke facing other direction

3/4 run 3/4 way up

3/4 run all the way up

The Thang

3 groups of 4

Modified Catch Me If You Can

Take turns with 1 PAX getting a head start as far as he thinks to not get caught. On his go, other 3 chase him up the ramp to try and catch him before he reaches the top. Then rotate so everyone gets a turn.

We did 8 trips up the ramp.

4 sprints

2 backpedals

2 basketball defensive slide shuffles

Mosey back to the flag

1 minute of Broga cool down

Prayer Requests: Duff’s mom’s mourning of losses, the decision to go back to school for kids, the state of our country

Announcements: Sasquatch!!!! Sign up

Moleskin: YHC woke up this morning super sore from multiple workouts per day for the past several days. However, when Past Due asked me to Q a couple weeks back, I told him my plan immediately. As I was driving to Elm Street Park, I was thinking about just having a nice and easy recovery run, but when I pulled in and saw Houdini getting out of his car, my mind shifted back to my original plan. Last week while running with him, I told him my plan, and since he showed up, I didn’t want to let him down. While moseying back to the flag, Houdini told me that it was the closest he had come to throwing up in a long time. Giddy up! It was a fun one, if you like pushing yourself to the verge of splashing, and I’m glad I didn’t listen to those nice and easy thoughts in my head. Until next time, thanks Past Due for the Q opportunity.

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