Warm Up:

I did not really plan to warm up, but since Budweiser decided he wanted to run without a shirt at 5:30, we stretched a little until he got back to the circle. Then we were off!

The Thang:

Directions were given to run down Elm to 4th and come back for the 6.

From there the greyhounds took 1st street and the clydesdales took 4th to the intersection of 5th and Cotanche.  And there, we back tracked to the parking deck on Cotanche where we counted off into 3 groups.  Instructions were given for group 1 to take the stairs to the left, Group 2 take the up ramp, and Group 3 take the stairs to the right and head to the top and wait.  I forgot to tell them to peoples chair for the 6 so everyone was standing around when I got up there.  We all ran down together and planked for the 6 at the bottom.

Next, we rotated and repeated to allow 3 trips up and down total and each group took a different route up.

Directions given to head back to the flag with the greyhounds taking the long way.  We made it back about 3 minutes late.


  • Prayer requests: Hotspot’s family, Ocracoke Island, and praise for the BRR!
  • Announcements:  Convergence tomorrow at #TheSchoolyard and start signing up now for BRR 2020!


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