One of Misery Maker’s key tips for running the BRR is not letting your HR get up too high on the inclines to where you red line. I wanted to give the PAX an opportunity to experience this red line feeling so they can better gauge themselves later on. Greenville has hills, meaning you can see the top. Mountains are completely different, as it seems like the switchbacks never end. Since we didn’t have the distance, we had to up our speed. Therefore, we moseyed the straight aways and sprinted the hills, hence the Anti Choo.

Right out of Elm Street, L on 10th to the nipple. 2 sprints on the nipple

Next stop Main Student Center Parking Deck. Spring the incline, mosey, sprint the incline, mosey, etc. to the top (I think it ended up being 5 sprints).

Mosey down to the bottom.

Left out of deck and immediate L down the delivery ramp, which was a little slice of heaven considering it was about 20 degrees cooler. It was so cool that String Bean called it The Meat Locker. 5 sprints up, walk down.

Mosey back to the flag.

Prayer Requests: Praise for a great weekend at Dads camp, PeeDee’s surgery got moved to this Friday, Fredstinko, Grisham’s M


Bo Run 3K:

Good Samaritan 5K:

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Moleskin: 4-5 miles were achieved by all. That is pretty dang good for 45 minutes considering we worked in some high intensity segments.

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