Last week at The Sandlot, Tortoise Q’ed and asked who wanted to Q Runstrong. I enjoy the AO, so I told him had to be soon before I go back to school and was given this week! Still love The Sandlot, but was a nice change of scenery today, but don’t worry Shake and Bake I will be back.

The Thang:

Mosey to Science Tech building and partner up for Catch me if you Can up the stairs. One partner runs while the other partner does 3 Squats then sprints to catch his partner. Complete a total of 30 squats.  It was mentioned that this was the toughest mile and yes it was!

Part 2:

Mosey to the bottom of the hill to run the “U”. Up College Hill to Rock Springs down to 10th to form a U. Rinse and Repeat until time most got 2-4 times.

Prayer Requests:

Praise for Zion “Blowout” for making his first F3 workout.

Praise for the return of Silverback.


Today’s during the COT, Abu mentioned a story about our FNG that Misery Maker shared about setting goals. Blowout ran cross country for Conley with Misery Maker and didn’t make the team. He reached out to coach about what he needed to do, then the following year he made it. He didn’t stop and wanted to keep getting better, so he continued to ask for feedback to improve to achieve his goals of traveling for a meet, making regionals, and conference championships and as he progressed he made his goals and was successful. That’s the crazy thing about setting goals, it is easy to set a goal and say your going to do it, but it’s another thing following through. Keep pushing young man and you will do great things.

Also, shoutout to Silverback for coming and running some tough miles today. Love seeing that guy at AO’s and seeing him push. Don’t ask him to Q as he gets a little feisty, but he can bring it. Much respect for him and all of out “Respect” and “Double Respect” PAX.

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