The Thang

  • Headed Left on Elm out of parking lot
  • Left on Gville Blvd
  • Left on 10th
  • On to 5th
  • Left back on Elm

YHC wanted to do an easy run so we just kept it simple, it is funny how you accidentally find some small inclines along the way and Greenville blvd approaching 10th was one of them. There was good mumblechatter and good efforts. We all pushed each other and we all got better.


All of the injured PAX

Closed Hand’s Dog

Abu’s neighbors daughters husband (battling lung cancer)

Thee Hot Spot’s Mother and also his Son

Angus Sister

Praise to Abu’s daughter for conquering her fear of the water and “seeing the other side of fear” which is where the title of this BB came from.


Lunch today at Christies Euro Pub


We all have something we fear. For some of us it is as simple as just posting to an AO. YHC’s biggest fear is not living up to the man that God originally drew up. Which is why every single day YHC tries to earn a sunrise. Posting with my brothers is something YHC holds close to his heart and the accountability that F3 provides cannot be replaced. So F3 is currently helping YHC see the other side of fear and the journey has only just begun.

–  Shake and Bake out!!!


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