With the final count-down in my 20’s, I decided to lead a few Q’s this week.  First off was Runstrong!  There was little pre-determination as to a route except the idea that we will need to run some hills.  BRR is coming up quick!

Initially, we were looking at Charles hill, College hill, and 14th st hills with an attempt at a Booty Flag that was for not.  We left Elm Street park and made it up College hill.  From there we went by Eagles Ridge to run up Charles towards Greenville blvd.  After a turn around, we journeyed to 14th and up the hill with a sharp turn to Rock Ridge to be run in both directions.  Time was still available so we continued down 14th to run up the hill on the other side of Elm.  There was some directional errors and upon running back up 14th to Elm, some had made the turn into the neighborhood to run the loop back to ESP.  Ultimately, we were then 2-3 minutes late but all made it in a good amount of time.

Some good old peer pressure helped get some Q’s for the coming month too!

The week of the Tortoise 2.0 will continue at Home Run and The Oval Office!

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