And so it begins ….. F3 Laramie launched today.  YHC put the word out as best as possible.  Three AO’s have been established.  Weather here in Laramie, WY is still an unpredictable “Somebeach”.  Fully prepared to do some initial workouts OYO, YHC arrived at the appointed place of workout #1 at AO #Saddleburr.  Enough snow was present in a pile at the rally point to sink the new #shovelflag into.  Time was ticking away.  Two minutes before the magic start moment and OYO was almost certain, but then the shape of another appeared in the #gloom.  In a matter of seconds, F3 Laramie had doubled in size with the appearance of an FNG.  Pleasantries were exchanged, along with brief introductions.  YHC gave an abbreviated summary of F3 and why YHC thought we were standing out in the dark in the middle of the UW campus on the Monday morning after the Superbowl with a winter storm fast approaching.  There we were…. Nantan and FNG.  It went something like this…..


Disclaimer: FNG got the full version.

Warm Up:  SSH, IC X15; Don Quixotes, IC X15; Demonstrations of Burpee, Lunges, Imperial Walker, Merkin, Plank Jack, and Squats

The Thang:

  • Starfish Pattern BLIMPS Using Sidewalk Network Branching out from Main Flagpole and running from center to point of “star” before executing each: Burpees X 10, Lunges X 20, Imperial Walkers X 30, Merkins X 40, Plank Jacks X 50, Squats X 60, return to center of star,
  • Rinse and Repeat BLIMPS, changing repetition sequence to 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 at each starpoint
  • Ten Count
  • Mosey to Rec Center Entrance Area, Pick Up Salt Bag “Coupons”, Curls, Overhead Presses, Chest Hug Squats, IC, Rinse and Repeat, mosey back to #shovelflag
  • Circle up in frozen grass, Mary:  American Hammers, Box Cutters, LBC’s all IC


  • Count-a-Rama (Fast, only two of us)
  • Name-a-Rama and Naming of the F3 Laramie FNG#1
  • Prayer Request:  YHC’s house sale and move of M and belongings; Guidance and Strength for the Day
  • Announcements:  Will not meet Wednesday for running AO (-10 to -15 degrees predicted), Will meet Friday.


Great workout and an opportunity to make a new friend in the unique and random way of F3.  YHC had some trouble with naming and had to break F3 protocol and leave the AO with the FNG only having a temporary name while YHC contemplated.  With the FNG being a professor in the field of Criminal Justice, YHC thought about various angles on the Criminal Justice theme to include even a brief trek down the path of the prison name in Les Miserables, but that seemed too distant.  Then, the epiphany came…..with the Criminal Justice angle, the name bestowed upon Eric Wodahl was “Hoosecow”.  It has a ring to it.

  • Hoosecow:  It’s a fine old American slang term for a jail, still widely known today. … The word is from Mexican Spanish juzgao, a jail, which came from juzgado for a tribunal or courtroom. It shifted to mean a jail because the two were often in the same building (and the path from the one to the other was often swift and certain).

Welcome F3 Hoosecow.  First PAX to be named in F3 Laramie.  Justice was served.  Lock it up!

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