8 studs arrived and circled up with steam building in their breath. A welcome was given to all, especially the FNG, along with the disclaimer. The Q described the route and the plan, then the studs took off. Here’s how it went down and the 4 mile route:

Everyone ran with a step cadence of exactly 180 steps per minute. Each had to shorten or adjust their stride length as needed to match this cadence. Cadence was set using a metronome app set to 90 beats/minute played through a small bluetooth speaker carried by the Q. Run with 2 footfalls per beat. Any PAX moving faster than the group circled back any time they began having difficulty hearing the metronome. First mile was a good warm up. At the start of the second mile (after turning onto Cambridge Drive), we did 5, 20 second strides. Strides in this case were max effort/stride length without breaking the 180 beat. We accomplished this with an EMOM timer app played through the same speaker. It has a 20 second space between the “halfway there” warning and the “10 second” warning of each minute. The remaining 40 seconds of each minute was for heartrate recovery while we circled back for the 6, keeping the 180 beat, so we could all stay together and within earshot of the speaker. After the 5 strides, we settled back down to our 180 easy until we began the 3rd mile (West Road), then we did 5 more 20 second strides. Then we settled back down to maintain the cadence for the remainder of the 4 mile route. 40 Minutes total from leaving the shovelflag through returning.

While we ran, Truth Hurts told us about using a metronome while in the High School band. The Q was in the band in middle and high school too, and we joked about how back then, carrying a metronome around would have gotten us called “geeks,” but today, it makes us studs! It’s all about perspective!

These HIM’s rocked it! Keeping the beat!

Here’s the 4 mile route in case anyone wants to replicate it.

Leave Splashing Woodies (Metronome at 180)

North on Greenbriar Rd

L – Perry Park Dr

R – Fairfield Ave/Country Club Dr

L – 2nd Dubose Drive

R – Ridge Rd

L – Old Well Rd

R – Right on Windsor Rd

R – Cambridge Dr (begin 5 strides EMOM timer)

R – Stockton Rd

R – Greenbriar Rd

L – Meadowood Dr

Cross Carey Rd & 902 Church parking lot

R – West Road (begin 5 strides)

R – Perry Park Dr

L   -Carolina Av  then follow Vernon Ave sidewalk back to shovelflag.

COT – counterama, namerama, named FNG (Boots), prayed for family of Gary Kornegay and of the young father who just died of Covid, along with Gopher, our continued expansion and that this movement will continue touching and blessing many men & their families & our community.

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