We welcomed a FNG to splashinwoodies, head locked by Waterboy.  FNG told us he married a Kinston girl, used to work at St. Marys and is now the Rector of St. Andrews by the Sea Episcopal Church.  Immediately Oxy and Burpee went to the Outer Banks TV show, good to know we got a few PAX who keep up with the trendy TV shows!  Hopefully Pogue can introduce F3 to the Outer Banks community, I am sure there are many visitors across the southeast who vacation at the Outer Banks that are part of F3 Nation.

So this is the second time as a PAX we benchmarked our one-mile time.  Much colder today than five weeks ago, but quick disclaimer and we took off for a 0.6 mile warmup.  Got back to our starting point which is the intersection of Sutton and Greenbriar.  During a brief cool down, YHC let FNG know about the mission of F3, the five core principles of F3 and explained to him the magnet, glue, dynamite relationship.

Off we took on our 1 mile benchmark.  After the six finished, we walked to Cambridge.  There we focused on some more interval sprinting.  Here was the workout:

3 Rounds

90 second run with 90 seconds of rest at a slightly faster pace than your 5K pace.

35 second run with 60 seconds of rest at a slightly faster pace than your one mile pace from earlier.

15 second run with 120 seconds of rest all out as fast as you can go!  That is one round.

The last 15 second run was up the Greenbriar hill, hopefully that becomes part of our tradition as we finish!



Bonesaw back in hospital, Truth Hurts doing a funeral in SC today, Trooper Lee Howell still in hospital with COVID, and Blaine (friend of Pogue)

Announcements – OG workout (1/1/11 first F3 workout) planned at Greyhounds on Friday.  Follow slack for more information!

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