YHC took the Q for SRC. I’m known for creative (some say confusing) routes. I do not like monotony, so I wanted to come up with something that’s wasn’t along our typical routes or an O&B.

YHC ran 2.5 miles solo and at 5:58 am Pax gathered and YHC gave the turn-by-turn directions as Pax were poised with anticipation and bewilderment. There’s a reason I post my runs on Slack before. 😉 I looked for at least one glimmer of understanding amidst the crowd and Optimus was still clued in in full attention. The rest of the pax seemed zoned out after the third street name.

The Thang:

Let’s Go! 6:00 am and 13 Pax took off down Greenville Blvd. towards Arlington Blvd. We turned on to Arlington and ran all the way to Hyde Dr. Pax went back for the six at key turns. Even with a number of turns, YHC planned plenty of longer stretches for the faster Pax to drop the hammer.

As we arrived at Charles Blvd., YHC dropped back for the six who was falling behind. YHC recommended a modified route for time sake. A few Pax took advantage. Kudos to Strokes and a few others who guided the FNG. We took a left towards Redbanks Rd. then a right on Thackery Rd. and a right on Cantata Dr. followed by a left on to Tucker.

This provided another opportunity for Pax to spread out and pump the legs. Runners crossed over Redbanks Rd. and took a right towards 14th St. We then took a left on Dellwood Dr. and crossed over Greenville Blvd. and a left towards Charles Blvd. After arriving at Rosewood Dr., we took a right towards the football stadium and came back up between the baseball stadium to Charles Blvd. We took a left and then a right on Greenville Blvd as we headed back to the flag.


Welcome FNG “Reroute!” His first post and longest run to date! Aye!!

YHC mentioned being careful during our last week of tapering and not to overdo it prior to BRR. Silverback didn’t care and squashed my spill. Lol. He had places to be (and ppl to do). I still love ya Silverback!


  • YHC had a job interview on Friday and was unable to reschedule due to BRR, but another interview in a different position came up a day before. God works things out!
  • Leaky Faucet – Daughter’s recovery and healing concerning hip dysplasia.
  • String Bean’s 2.0 Avery with COVID-19 and other members of the family.
  • Health and safety for all BRR runners.
  • Strokes’ sister getting married tomorrow.


  • BRR – September 10-12, 2020
  • Kinston AO
  • F3 Nation – 10 Year Anniversary (Hosted by F3 Cape Fear, Jan 15-17, 2021)


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