Sometimes small comments have a lasting impact. Tonka once made a passing reference on how to get from Starbucks into the Lynndale neighborhood. He said we take Shotguns and Cigarettes. You turn on Remington, Compton, and Salem. Voila – you find yourself on Queen Anne’s.  So, this workout was named in honor of my Vegan friend, Tonka, who often looks like he needs a good cheeseburger…Half-Pipe and YHC talked about the Richmond Marathon during EC and a total of 6 studs made it for the main thang at SRC.
The Thang – The route was to get to Queen Anne’s; take a loop to the right on Pinewood to DuPont Circle. Make a quick dog leg from Queen Anne’s to Kings and then a series of right turns on Chesapeake, Ashburton, Wynnston, and Bremerton. Then a left on Queen Anne’s and back. The faster pace group took some side roads, hence Lost Cigarettes.
BOM – prayers for Half-Pipes friends; Tonka’s friend; injured pax, including Thee Hot Spot, Silverback, and Fruity.
Moleskin – Today was a beautiful morning. Half-Pipe and YHC took a mosey for 3 miles and were good to go until Tonka started pulling his “Come on Bono, it’s 6:01.” That dude always needs something to complain about. Don’t worry Tonka, Half-Pipe, and Mad Dog ended the run like lost dogs chasing after a rabid raccoon. They ran up at 7:02 obviously having been scared back to their leader when the raccoon snarled at them. Floater is one of the coolest dudes to run with. At Double Respect he is a runner with a lot of knowledge and has prior running times to prove he was fast then and is steady now. Redbox and several pax almost died on Thursday at the Rush when a car swerved between runners and hit a concrete light pole. The pole blew up like Thor, the God of Thunder struck it. Madoff dove head first into the woods to avoid being a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Luckily everyone made it out alive the fourth time we heard the story.
On a side note, YHC is running the Richmond Marathon on 11/13. Today was a 15 mile long run. Decided to run the last 10k in negative splits and finished with some low 8 min miles. Bottom line – train hard, take the DRP and that consistent dedication will pay off. Now it’s time to ice the sore parts.

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